Get AUD$50 Cashback on your First International Money Transfer

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If you sign up via our referral, you'll get AUD$50 cashback immediately on your first international money transfer of AUD$200 or more. 


Available to

Residents of: Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Instarem review big data

  • Overall 4.5 star average rating from 6,115 reviews published at Trustpilot
  • Overall 4.2 star average rating from 773 reviews published at ProductReview

About Instarem

Instarem is a Singapore-headquartered Fintech company offering digital cross-border money transfers to individuals and businesses. Founded in 2014, it employs over 200 staff. 

It received the 2020 best value international money transfer provider award from Mozo Experts Choice, Australia.

Our Instarem review findings

We’ve found Instarem to be quick and simple and to offer competitive exchange rates.

We recommend it over banks for anyone wanting to transfer money internationally. 

Instarem has a user-friendly interface and the sign-up and first transfer process was smooth. 

Our remittances were sent and showed up in the overseas account within mere minutes (your mileage may vary). 

So our experience with Instarem so far has been very positive. 


The bonus you’re eligible for, and minimum first transfer value required to qualify, varies based on your country of residence, per the table below.

So, for example, Malaysian residents receive MYR200 on their first international money transfer of MYR1,000 or more.


To be eligible for the cashback bonus: 

  • Sign up using our referral link.
  • Ensure our referral code: yf2jjB is populated in the relevant box of your sign-up form.

When you're ready to make your first transfer:
  • Enter the code: 310BONUS on the transfer form
  • Transfer the minimum value required according to your country of residence, per the table above.
  • Instarem will deduct the bonus value from the remittance amount, e.g. sending AUD$200 will cost AUD$150.
  • The receiving bank account must be overseas*.
*If you don’t have an overseas bank account, or a friend or relative who does, check out our review on a service that allows you to easily get an overseas bank account.

Sign up via our referral to get AUD$50 cashback immediately on your first international money transfer of AUD$200 or more.

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*Fancy a cheat sheet of all cashback bonus incentive deals we suggest - we've just typed one up!