Get USD$10 Worth of Bitcoin when you buy or sell USD$100 or more in crypto

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If you sign up via our referral, you'll get USD$10 in free Bitcoin when you buy or sell USD$100 or more in crypto. 


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Coinbase review big data

  • Overall 9/10 average rating from 24 reviews published at TrustRadius
  • Overall 1.6 star average rating from 5,961 reviews published at Trustpilot

About Coinbase

Coinbase Global, Inc. (Coinbase) is a US company that operates a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Founded in 2012, it employs over 1,200 staff and is publicly traded on the Nasdaq exchange. 

Its considered one of the most reliable and legitimate cryptocurrency exchange platforms online.

Coinbase was ranked by Investopedia as the Best Overall Crypto Exchange of 2021. 

Our Coinbase review findings

Coinbase is one of the easier ways to start for people looking to get acquainted with or buy and trade crypto personally, or to enable a business to start accepting cryptocurrency. 

The interface resembles familiar banking and trading services, which helps new users get a feel for it. 

Challenges apparent in some reviews include identity verification, customer service that struggles to give individualised attention, and fees that are higher than seasoned traders would prefer.

Our experience with Coinbase so far has been positive. We’ve been able to buy crypto by credit card and transfer crypto to and from Coinbase without drama.  


People with stronger computer and financial literacy are best suited to dabbling in crypto. The Reserve Bank of Australia's web site and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission MoneySmart web site discuss their conservative thoughts on cypto, blockchain and ICOs.

Coinbase says it holds 98% of assets in offline cold storage that cybercriminals can’t access, and that all digital currency it holds online is insured.


To be eligible for the bonus requires you: 

  • Not to already have an existing Coinbase account.
  • To buy or sell USD$100+ (or USD$100 equivalent of your domestic currency), to receive USD$10 in free Bitcoin (or USD$10 equivalent of your domestic currency).
  • The buy or sell must happen within 180 days of the account open date. 

~ You could combine this incentive with our Celsius Network incentive to get a further USD$50 in Bitcoin.

Sign up via our referral to get a USD$10 of Bitcoin in free Bitcoin when you buy or sell USD$100 or more in crypto.

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