Get USD$50 Worth of Bitcoin when you Join and Deposit USD$400+ of Crypto

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If you sign up via our referral and use our referral code: 1397411495, USD$50 of Bitcoin can be automatically applied to your account, 30 days after you deposit USD$400 or more of crypto-currency.

You’ll need to ensure the referral code: 1397411495 is inputted during your sign-up process for this to work. Tips on how to ensure this are included below.


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Celsius Network review big data

  • Overall 4.0 star average rating from 1,579 reviews published at Trustpilot (Celsius)

Our Celsius Network review findings

What interest rate on savings is your bank offering? In many places, it’s less than 1% per year.

At this time, the high yield rates on offer from Celsius Network are compelling. For example:

Celsius Network is paying 8.88% on USD linked stable-coins such as USD Coin (USDC). 

  • According to pricing data at CoinMarketCap, the value of 1 USDC moved between USD$0.97 and USD$1.04 from 2018 - 2021 and has tracked almost exactly to USD$1.00 from 2020 on.

Celsius Network is paying 13.99% on the Synthetix Network Token (SNX) token. 

  • According to pricing data at CoinMarketCap, the value of 1 SNX moved from around USD$0.08 to a high of about USD$26.45(!) between 2018 - 2021, with pricing on 8 October 2021 about USD$10.35.

How can Celsius Network afford to pay such high yields? It says it earns profits by lending coins to hedge funds, exchanges, and institutional traders, and by issuing asset-backed loans at an average of 9% interest. 

Our experience with Celsius Network so far has been positive. Its interface is intuitive. And it’s delivered our interest/yield payments weekly. 

We’ve been able to transfer funds to and from the Celsius Network without drama. So far, we’ve been happy with our experience.


People with stronger computer and financial literacy are best suited to dabbling in crypto. The Reserve Bank of Australia's web site and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission MoneySmart web site discuss their conservative thoughts on cypto, blockchain and ICOs.


Using the referral code:

The referral code can only be applied to a newly created account.

  • During registration, select: ‘Have a referral code’ and enter the referral code: 1397411495 while creating your account. 

  • Once you have entered the referral code you should see a confirmation screen. Press ‘Done’ and continue creating your account.

Deposit requirement:

If you already own crypto, you’ll likely know how to transfer the USD$400+ in crypto to Celsius Network to qualify for this bonus, after creating your account.

If you’ve never owned crypto, the simplest approach may be to buy the USD$400+ in crypto directly from within the Celsius Network app.

You may like to add a 5-10% margin on top of the $400 to ensure that any fees, exchange rate, or crypto price movements don't reduce your deposit below that figure.

The USD$50 of Bitcoin reward will be ‘locked’ for 30 days and will be unlocked after that time has passed. If the funds are withdrawn from the account during the 30-day lock period, the reward will be cancelled, and there is no way to receive it again.

Sign up via our referral and use our referral code: 1397411495 to get USD$50 of Bitcoin when you join Celsius Network and deposit USD$400+ in crypto for 30 days.

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